Why choose this book?

Age 2-5 years is the ideal age to invest in the development of the child, as it is presented as the most favorable period to increase cognitive, motor and language skills.
The stimulation that we should give to the child in this period should be continuous and in constant contact with the relevant specialists! We always as parents, therapists and teachers must make sure that the child receives all the necessary information so that the developmental steps are safe.

How does playtime affect your child's development?

Children play because it is fun. Playing is also key to their learning and development. Playing, both structured and unstructured, lays the foundation for a child’s development of future learning and life skills. It helps children:
develop their knowledge, experience, curiosity and confidence learn by trying things, comparing results, asking questions and meeting challenges develop the skills of language, thinking, planning, organizing and decision-making. Family members and other caregivers can help children learn by giving them simple tasks with clear instructions, providing objects to play with and suggesting new activities. They should not dominate the child’s play.

How can you help your child during these years?

It’s important to learn about some of the behaviours you can expect during these years of rapid change. Group learning activities, run by a speech therapist at home kindergarten, are important in helping children get ready for school. Everything served for you, based on medical sciences and planned in detail every activity that will be realized with the child 2-5 years old. All children should have such a book at home. One of the best investments you will ever make!