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Subject:Activity book for children aged 2-5 years old !

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Hello ,
Does your child need to improve their language skills ,to develop intelligence, to increase expressive and mathematical skills, to develop concentration as well as extracurricular activities to help the child and take him / her away from the virtual world?

As we know, nowadays technology has become an integral part of our lives, and children have become addicted to technological devices

Now is the time to distance children from the digital world and focus on books and what will benefit on their improvements.

Then, this book will be everything you need !
The book was conceived and created by professional Speech Therapists.

The results you will get from this book will be quite effective,as proven by previous users of the book .

Thank you !

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Subject:Activity book for children aged 2-5 years old .

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Hello ,

I noticed that you have shown interest in the book by reading the first email. But apparently there was something that did not convince you.
Through this email we want to show you our dedication and the importance of the activities we have prepared for you.
Don’t you think that your child needs a little stimulation at this age so important for speech development ,academic and social aspects?

At this age the child receives a rapid development in linguistic, intellectual, academic and social terms. It’s just the right age to help your child to become a better version of themselves.
The speech therapists who have worked on this book, have shown a very special care to include and intervene in all stages of development that the child needs.

Now is the time for you to take a step for the future of your child!



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Subject:Activity book for children aged 2-5 years old .

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Hello ,

Just for you, we would like to introduce a part of our book and the activities it contains. This way you can understand and be convinced of the importance of the book and the benefits it brings to your child.
Our book is divided into 4 main parts that include: 1. activities to stimulate speech,
2. activities to develop intelligence
3.mathematical activities
4. Extracurricular activities

We will introduce you to some of the activities, so that you are clear about what the book contains.
Excample: Helpful in speech stimulation
“Breathing exercises for the buko-lingo-facial muscles!
The child should imitate the parent, then do it independently. (demonstrated by parent)
1. Inhalation through the nose and exhalation through the mouth. The child is required to take a deep breath with one nostril, closing the other with the finger and exhaling through the mouth through a pipette, before which we place a leaflet (in order to move it).
2. Stand with the child in front of a long mirror, make sure the child is relaxed.. Press the waist firmly with your hands as if trying to join the fingers of each other and then breathe. Hold your hand in this position and breathe. See how the gap between the fingertips grows….”

Now is time to order the book and not miss out on other activities!