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Created and designed by Speech Therapists with the scientific title Msc. Dea Fezollari and Msc. Griselda Cela.

Delivery Method : Direct Download

File Format : PDF format

Time of the Product : Immediately

Detailed Description of the product ; numer of pages : 88 pages , e-book

The book is structured in 3 main parts: speech developement activities, mathematical and intelligence activities. It helps your child to develop speech, to increase the level of intelligence and also to prepare through mathematical activities!

Everything served for you, based on medical sciences and planned in detail every activity that will be realized with the child 2-5 years old. All children should have such a book at home.

One of the best investments you will ever make!


I'm very happy that I trusted you and that I chose to buy your book. It helped me a lot with Amelia and we worked every day for 1 hour with the book. Amelia is 3 years old and I really needed a book to help me stimulate her speech. Amelia has now greatly enriched her vocabulary and has a better language level than most of her peers. We now enjoy together as we carry out the fun and at the same time informative activitys contained in the book. It was organized in the best possible way and includes everything Amelia needs.

I am very happy with the choice I made on buying your book!

I knew that if I trusted the professionals I would not be disappointed.

Thank you !